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We had an existing Hyper-V environment serving two companies. Following the sale of one of the companies, we needed to separate our technology. Having supported us for some time, we organised a meeting with Yellowgrid to discuss our plans. An initial summary of tasks was drawn up followed by a detailed project plan and proposed network diagrams. Given the time constraints and requirement for zero down time, knowing that the project had been adequately thought out and planned was re-assuring. Over the following weeks, we purchased a new server, switch and firewall following advice from Yellowgrid. The server was setup with Server 2012 and Hyper-V and the none critical VMs were migrated. Following a further planning day, we scheduled a date to separate the two networks. This task was scheduled to start on a Friday at 5pm. The task was completed the following day. My faith in Yellowgrid was proved on Monday when everything just worked!

Ruban Rajasooriyar, Managing Director, Document Management Technology Ltd

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