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Fanvil X3SP/X3G

  • 2.4/2.8 inch (320x240) color-screen LCD
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Smart and friendly user interface
  • Secure and complete provisioning protocols

Fanvil X4/X4G

  • 4 SIP Accounts
  • HD Voice
  • Supports LDAP, XML phonebook
  • 2.8 inch(320x240)color screen
  • DSS Key-mapping LCD: 2.4 inch color screen

Fanvil X5S

  • Main Chipset: Broadcom
  • 2 LCDs (Main + DSS)
  • Main LCD x1: 128x64 Dot-matrix with Backlit
  • DSS Key-mapping LCD x1: 64x192 Dot-matrix
  • 6 SIP Accounts

Fanvil X6

  • 6 SIP Accounts
  • HD Voice
  • POE Enabled
  • 3 LCDs (Main + DSS)
  • Intelligent DSS Keys

Fanvil C600

  • 6 SIP Accounts
  • HD Voice
  • Gigabit Switch
  • POE Enabled
  • 720p Video
  • 3 LCDs (Main + DSS)
  • 100 DSS Keys

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I would like on behalf of IMK Electronics ® to congratulate Yellowgrid, in particular Craig Graham. Specially these days, where it seem found business talking only on negative thoughts, and missing opportunities, Craig have embrace my case very professional and with a great touch of Humanity. He has been a great help and showing a lots of positive attitude, also, (with out any problems) he has resolve IMK Electronics 3CX issues. Congratulation for having such great person in your company of professionals with human heart. Has been a pleasure knowing you and I wish all the best in your future..

Ivan Marzocchi, C.E.O., IMK Electronics

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